Taking care of Disadvantaged Children in childhood safeguard centre

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Marrakech , Morocco via kindly anonymous
Abdelghani BAKHACH
youthcommunication [at] yahoo [dot] com

We are looking for really motivated volunteers who will be open minded and ready to get involved in a variety of activities aiming to support children in difficult situations.

You have a commitment to learning and a willingness to encourage others to participate in activities and are ready to share the lifestyle of local people simple accommodation transport by bus or bicycle local food. You are highly motivated and to ready to face language and cultural differences.

The center requires volunteers with counseling and teaching skills preferably teachers in English or French and teachers for early childhood education and nursery schooling However we have an open policy and applicants with other ideas to share are also welcome to apply and will be considered Volunteers need to contribute initiate ideas and by that would be promoting the growth of the center This is an opportunity for the volunteers to work at a community grassroot level in capacity building and training in self sustainability

12 weeks
Teaching, early childhood education. Flexibility, Fluent in English or French
The activities generally consist in leading the children in the different groups drawing painting and modelling group singing and dancing group tale and sketch Group mobilizing and framing the children in various workshops of work according to the age workshop tells workshop music workshop newspaper environment theatre gym and sport etc The volunteers will have to work five hours time in the morning They are free in the afternoon when they could exchange their knowledge with the local population Volunteers are invited to carry with them some games and anything that can contribute to lead the children They can even present typical cultural aspects of their countries songs dances gamesThe volunteers can also participate to community activities as sensitization about how to promote local development about hygiene and environment protection for their free time Each volunteer Responsible for daytoday coordination of the School to ensure efficient performance of the organization operationTo teach Basic English French and or other languages to the children The volunteers can also teach other basic subjects to the children with the help of local volunteers Basic knowledge for the IT equipment computers printers networkEstablish a relationship with the child to better understand the child?s needs and desiresProvide written reports at every hearing which include information gathered and recommendationsTo cook food give medicines to the ill provide warm clothes and free hot shower in winter etc
Cost/program fee US $1450 12 weeks, covers airport pickup, accomodation, activities

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BP:1735 Hay Mohammadi 40007, Marrakech , Morocco

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