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Kumasi, Ghana via kindly anonymous
James Turing
volunteering [at] turingtrust [dot] co [dot] uk

The Turing Trust is a volunteering charity set up in 2009 to change the way volunteering programmes work and develop rural schools in Ghana. We believe that volunteering should be a non-profit industry only.


We support a system of rural schools in Ghana by sending volunteers there who can learn about the incredible development work taking place in Africa first-hand. We hope that all our volunteers come back enthused and invigorated by their experiences and with their help we fundraise in our local communities to help the schools and wonderful communities who give us these great volunteering opportunities.


Currently, we are running four volunteering programmes:

  • ICCES Teaching Volunteers
  • School Building Projects
  • Rural Community Projects
  • Sports and Community Volunteers


We also sponsor Ghanian students, enabling them to go to school, and maintain a computer recycling scheme to provide the needy with computers.

For more information about the Turing Trust and our volunteering opportunities please visit our website. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We welcome all volunteers who are at least 18 years old. Most importantly, you should be highly motivated and committed to your work.
Volunteering with the Turing Trust operates on a very flexible basis. However, the minimum time you should spend in Ghana is one week.
In general, we do not expect you to have any particular skills; the most important thing is your motivation and commitment! However, especially to those who plan to apply to the post of a teaching volunteer we highly recommend that you take a teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) course in advance. Not only would this be a highly beneficial skill for you to acquire, it will also enhance your teaching experience and ultimately help your students. Please also note that the school building project involves physical work.
Activities vary with the volunteering position. As a teaching volunteer you will mainly educate Ghanian students in various subjects and enjoy considerable freedom regarding the content of your lessons. The courses available to teach are English, maths, science, entrepreneurship, dressmaking, building construction, carpentry, computer skills and electronics. School building volunteers will be involved in tasks such as helping to carry materials, bricklaying and roofing or painting and decorating. As a rural community volunteer you could help the local Ghanians for example as a Computer coach or AIDS awareness worker. Sports and Community volunteers are primarily community sports coaches but you will be free to get involved in as many activities as you like. The primary duties will involve taking daily sports sessions with a variety of age ranges. The main sports are football and volleyball but you can feel free to teach any sport you like assuming you can get a hold of the equipment! You will find a detailed description of each volunteer role on our website. It must be noted that although we endeavour to keep all of your project information up to date, due to the constantly evolving nature of sustainable projects there may be slight amendments to any information provided here. Some of the projects are liable to change their focus such as in instances where a building project might dramatically change as the building nears completion. Nevertheless volunteers will always be involved in a diverse range of project work even if there are minor mandate changes. Of course, you will have plenty of time to meet other volunteers and visit many of the interesting sights that the country has to offer. Your host family are well placed to help you plan trips and weekends away, they can even help you work around Ghanaian public transport!
As the programme is run by a charity we are limited in what we can provide in terms of finances and can offer a very low price for the programme starting at £35 per week. This includes: - Personal airport transfers to and from Accra Airport - Full board and lodging in a host family, including three meals a day - Support from both the UK and Ghanaian branches of the Turing Trust throughout the programme - Travel advice and visa application guidance Not inlcuded: - Airfares to Ghana - Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement which must include cover for repatriation and medical expenses - Your visa to Ghana (you will be helped to obtain this visa before departure) - All visas for border crossings - All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing - Email/Internet and telephone calls - Any excursions over and above your planned itinerary in Ghana

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Kumasi, Ghana

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