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Bamako, Mali via
Greg Flatt
greg [at] ecovamali [dot] org
(978) 818-0751

ECOVA MALI was founded in 2007 by Cynthia Hellmann and Gregory Flatt, both former Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Mali, as a grassroots alternative to the predominant top-down approach to development. Greg and Cynthia have fostered and maintained close ties to Mali for nearly 15 years and returned numerous times in various roles. They have seen that local experts can train fellow Malians far more effectively and at a much lower cost than western expats. They have also witnessed how relatively small amounts of money can work wonders in the hands of rural agricultural entrepreneurs. So they decided to create an organization founded upon the lessons learned from their observations and experience.

ECOVA MALI provides salaries to accomplished Malian farmers to train other farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques.  ECOVA MALI also provides start-up capital in the form of micro-loans and mini-grants for the creation and development of worker-owned and managed, sustainable agricultural enterprises based on principles of environmental and social responsibility.

We are proud to say that Cindy, Greg, and ECOVA MALI are prominently featured in the new book of the NY Times Best-Selling Author, John Perkins, "The Secret History of the American Empire".  ECOVA MALI was also recently part of a research project created through a collaboration between the Worldwatch Institute and Nourishting the Planet.  There are links to a few short video clips from their visit to our training center on this site. - from the website

The training center is located 35 km outside of Bamako.

Ideally you need some basic French skills, experience gardening, a willingness to watch and learn, and a good sense of humor.
Fundraising, outreach, networking, and on-site: "There is so much to be done at our training center. The vision is for the training center to become a working model of sustainable agriculture and for it to also become a major financial engine to support our on-going efforts through the sale of produce, meat, fish, and value-added goods."
no fee, accommodation and food provided in exchange for work

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Bamako, Mali

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