Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Kind Mankind?
Kindmankind promotes a world of global kindness. It helps to connect volunteers and kind travelers to grassroots initiatives directly that need help.

How much does it cost?
Kindmankind is and will always be free for every party involved. We do not charge any fees. The information shared here is completely open source.

How does this help grassroots initiatives?
Grassroots organisations in poor regions who don't have the resources to advertise need our help. Kind Mankind can function as a platform where they can prove that they are trustworthy and reach out to volunteers on a global scale. 

How did Kind Mankind start?
After Charity Travel, Kamiel and Yeon thought it was time for an easy-to-use open source platform for grassroots initiatives.

How did you make it?
Using the open-source drupal framework (version 6) for web development, Kamiel was able to put the site together dusting off some very basic skills from his computer science masters. Yeon did some design. We wrote all the content and cooperated with some other websites to share their data with us. As for the future, we will rely on the voluntary contribution of independent changemakers (and we will set the example by reaching out very actively to the grassroots initiatives).

How can I contribute?
We are looking for enthusiastic people to invest some of their spare time to visit grassroots charities that need help or to gather information from their friends and enter them on this website. Most true grassroots are of course in the developing world. Typically, our contributors write about little initiatives they found during an intrepid journey. Consider writing a review - it can help the struggling initiatives a lot by showing how rewarding it is to visit them and help out. Let's help those beautiful coincidences a little.

Trust is always a mutual thing. How do initiatives know who is visiting them?
We think that changemakers will contact the initiatives first, writing some sort of application letter introducing themselves. The contacts forged via kindmankind start on a personal basis. As our community grows, we will be able to offer social control. Keep in mind that we encourage users to link to their "couchsurfing" profiles, that are generally trustworthy.

What is kindmankind not?
This is not a donation platform. We encourage independent changemakers to suggest initiatives on established donation platforms like,,, (network for good), and many others.
This is not a travel advise site either. You can find all you need on,, and many others.

Are all initiatives trustworthy?
No. And that is the point. We need to start somewhere if we want to lift them out of obscurity. We can't wait until they do it themselves (they often simply don't have the means). It means that initiatives that have no references here or on their own website haven't been checked to our knowledge. So the invaluable contribution that you can make is to go and check them! Your word (as a Western visitor, for example) can put them in the web of trust.

I am an activist. How can I use
We welcome activists contributing to this site and we think that the grass-roots local initiatives on this sites are natural allies of people seeking a way of life beyond global capitalism. You can also create an initiative to gather support for your efforts. We believe it is very important that suffering people in the global south are exposed to alternative solutions.

The site doesn't look good on my computer.
There are some known problems when you view this site on Internet Explorer. Also, I don't have too much time to spend on this site, so you are very welcome if you spot a problem and do have the solution.

I have a similar site myself. Can we cooperate?
Of course! This site is completely free and open source. You can freely reproduce the information on this site without asking me. It would of course be appreciated if you link back to this site. If you want, I can send you the entire database by email, give you moderator right to this website, and share all knowledge that went into creating this.

Fresh Initiatives

Not at the moment. You can add one